Water, Sewer & Street Sup't - Homer Reeves



Water Clerk - Pam Faughn






Matt Hunter - Assistant Superintendent





Jennifer Whitby - Clerk




James Harrison - Street Dept

Bobbie Skinner - Street Dept

James Stafford - Street Dept





  • In the office with Cash, Check, Money Order
  • By Mail: Po Box 897, McCrory, AR 72101
  • Drop Box - located at City Hall / Water Office (south side of building) by drive-thru window
  • Online click here: Online Payment    Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Electronic Check accepted
  • By Phone : 1-855-325-8902


 Water bills are payable upon receipt. The following are a list of fees that may occur if not paid by the due date:

If paid between the  -1st - 10th no penalties

Paid between the  - 11th - 20th a 10% fee is charged

Paid after the 21st of the month a $15.00 collection penalty is added and services may be disconnected without notice

A charge of $15.00 is collected to reconnect services

* If penalty dates of the 10th or 20th fall on the weekend or a holiday - customers will have all day the next business day. If payments are made by phone or online before 10:00 AM on penalty dates - no late fee will be charged